Affiliate Partner Agreement

Commissions are paid on the twentieth (20th) day of each month, when the amount of accumulated and unpaid commissions (your „Account“) is equal to or greater than $50 for previous transactions. Unpaid amounts credited to your account are not remunerated. All payments are made with QuickBooks BillPay or any other method that CorpNet may define at its discretion, and your participation in the Referral Revenue program depends on your consent to accept payments in this way. one. You must sign up for an account to participate in the ActiveCampaign Affiliate Referral Program. When you log into an account, you agree to be bound by ActiveCampaign`s standard terms of use, including our Acceptable Use Policy, Privacy Policy, Consent Policy, and Anti-Spam Policy. Once you have registered and we have authorized your registration, you become a participant in the Affiliate Referral Program. Current and former ActiveCampaign contractors, employees and immediate family members of ActiveCampaign employees are prohibited from participating in the Affiliate Referral Program. b. We use PayPal to transfer commissions to our affiliates. In order for us to pay you your commissions, you must have an account PayPal linked to the email address you used when registering an ActiveCampaign account. PayPal is a third party and your use of PayPal is subject to PayPal, Inc.

ActiveCampaign assumes no responsibility or support obligation for any issues with your PayPal account. c. Affiliates are not entitled to commissions on their own personal accounts or on an account directly linked to them, including accounts transferred with exactly the same names, billing addresses or email addresses. d.We currently offer affiliates the following commissions for advertising accounts based on monthly recurring revenue („MRR“) of active advertising customer accounts at the time of billing: • Silver Tier (starting level): 20% commission from any promotiond billing • Gold Tier ($500 in total active MRR or $100 in MRR from new accounts advertised in the last three months): 25% commission for each promotion account • Platinum Tier ($2,000 in total from MRR to active promotion or $500 to MRR from new advertising accounts in the last three months): 30% commission from any advertising affiliate contract is now very common, since many people who choose to work online can derive considerable income from affiliate relationships, depending on the reach of their websites or social media….