Pdsa Agreement

You can download a PDSA Pet Care application form or contact our PDSA Pet Care team on petcare@pdsa.org.uk or 0808 164 5040. Please email the Pet Care team at petcare@pdsa.org.uk or call our helpline between 9-5 MB-Fr on 0808 1645040 to inform us of the death of your pet. A member of our team can then discuss with you the closing of your membership. These conditions exclude all purchase conditions you may have and include all the terms of an agreement between you and us regarding access to citdemo.imediaflow.net and its contents. They will only be varied if we agree in writing. 9. Downloading images does not confer any right of reproduction, unless expressly agreed in advance. Your right to reproduce an image is only acquired if (a) the terms of the license have been agreed and (b) our bill for the granting of that right is fully paid. Any reproduction before the payment of the invoice or outside the terms of a licence constitutes a violation of copyright and also constitutes a violation of that agreement, which is tantamount to us to be withdrawn from the contract and to claim damages. You must compensate us for any claims, damages, costs or expenses resulting from the reproduction of an image that has been provided to you. Littlefish is pleased to announce a new customer benefit to offer an outsourced service desk function to the UK`s leading pet charity, The People`s Dispensary for Sick Animals (PDSA), as part of a multi-year contract that will begin in December 2017. If you are moving in, please email us petcare@pdsa.org.uk or call our team or on 0808 164 5040 we can advise you if there is a veterinary practice in your new section that we can also transfer your membership. 2.

By registering and using a login and password to access images on this site, you reach a binding agreement between you and us. If you are an independent researcher working for a publishing company, this agreement applies to you and your client. If you do not wish to be bound by this agreement, please reply to this email by referral or no later than 24 hours concluding that this is the case. If this is the case, your username and password will be deleted and you will not have access to the database. However, downloading material using the username and password is considered the acceptance of these terms and conditions. Company contact information: Donna Cotton Phone: 01234 567891 Email: training@pdsa.org.uk 12. If we agree to allow the use of an image to third parties, you must enter into an agreement with this third party to ensure that they are linked to licensing conditions that limit the printing, copying, networking, multiple access or other use of the images only for personal use, prohibit the transfer, resale, rental and loan of the image and guarantee that credits will be granted to us and that credits will be granted to the author.