Service Canada Forms Agreement To Administer Benefits

If you apply on paper, you must fill out 1 of the following forms: qualified people (for example. B family member, friend, lawyer, social worker), agencies, registered non-profit charities and municipalities may apply to be administrators of CPP, OAS and/or GIS services on behalf of individuals who are unable to manage their own affairs if there is no authorized person or agency already appointed under federal or provincial law. These include the management of CPC, OAS and/or GIS services on behalf of vulnerable and homeless seniors, as well as other eligible beneficiaries. The forms you submit as a third-party administrator will be carefully reviewed and evaluated before an individual, agency or organization`s application for trust is accepted or rejected. It is important to note that Service Canada-appointed directors and organizations take responsibility for managing benefits in the best interests of the people who represent them. To manage benefits on behalf of an individual, The following forms must be completed: You must work with your doctor or your doctor in particular to submit 1 of the following forms that apply to your situation: To manage benefits on behalf of a person, you must do so: it is important that everyone receive the CPP, OAS and/or GIS services for which they are eligible, especially the weakest in our communities, such as the protection of the elderly or at risk. While the vast majority of recipients already receive their benefits, individuals and qualified organizations can apply for the management of CPC, OAS and/or GIS services on behalf of those who are unable to manage their own affairs. If you have any questions about the application process, contact us via the information on the forms. Under the Homeless Seniors Assistance Program, the Government of Canada is required to ensure that seniors in Canada receive canada Pension Plan (CPP), OAS and/or Guaranteed Inconvenient Supplement (GIS) for which they are entitled. There may be vulnerable seniors in our communities – particularly those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness and who are unable to manage their own affairs – who do not receive the benefits for which they are eligible. For these seniors, third-party directors act on their behalf to ensure that they receive their benefits.

Learn how municipalities and local organizations can help vulnerable seniors, especially homeless seniors, access CPC, OAS and/or GIS services. These forms do not allow the applicant on behalf of an individual to apply through MSCA.