Tree Farm Lease Agreement

I have „farmland“ as my key word, so read your channel here. What I would do is create a lease with a number of options to renew the lease. That would be very similar to the way Walgreens makes its leases. Make sure the tenant is responsible for complying with applicable regulations. County regulations as well, these trees and product are not a great thing, but you don`t want the rear half to turn into a tire dump. Specific to land use. Property Description – The definition or description of the property is required to have a valid rental. There are many ways to do this. One possibility is by the property address and another by a description of the metes and borders.

It is also advisable to add a card identifying the limits of the lease. It is important for the parties to consider whether to include personal property in the lease. Are there tractors, sprayers or other equipment used in the rental operation? Rent – you`re going to want to indicate what the rent is for the country. This can be per hectare or for the whole property. At what intervals do payments have to be made each month or year? Should it be a cash rent or is there another consideration: for example, clearing and sorting the property and moving away at the end of the lease. Land use – Will land use be largely open or limited to growing and harvesting trees? A usage provision in your rental agreement is not necessary, but can keep the parties honest about how the property is used. The tenant is entitled to all tax issues related to the harvest, the trees will deplete and will have subsidies, unless you are a partner in the actions of the crops (probably not want to go if you do not know the case). Your country will be out of service for other activities to participate in any government program. If the trees are already there and you were in the store, you will see your accountant. This 75-hectare lot is located halfway between Sacramento and San Francisco, a few miles from I-80. I`m just interested in renting it for the trees, not selling it.

There has been a lot of interest in the country. They all want to buy or rent with option to purchase, or lease with the first right to refuse to buy. I don`t want any of this. I just want a three-quarter lease for 30 years. If my children want to sell the land during the 30-year lease, is it possible to get a good price while the farm trees are on the ground? Do my children have to sell to the farmer? If my children do not sell to the farmer, will the farmer devastate the soil, divert all the trees, so that it is impossible to sell to others? That`s a big concern. Personally, I like trees and tree farms, but there may be a higher and better use for the land. That will be almost certain in the next 30 years. I want real estate to offer it the highest and best use. It best serves its owners when it is in its highest and best use. Different provisions – Various provisions such as time are essential, waiver, inspection, binding effects, „as they are“, communications, peaceful surrender, jurisdiction and representation of the parties, are found in many leases. Christmas tree leasing is no different, and again, depending on the complexity and relationship of the parties, and the circumstances surrounding your lease, you cannot include some or all of these provisions. Maintenance – Most leases include maintenance rules that require tenants to adhere to good management practices and principles regarding planting, cultivation, harvesting, use of herbicides or pesticides, and maintenance of ditches, ditches, water and roads on the ground.

I would rent it once a year for a package to a nut grower and forget about it and undertake other activities. Like a 30-year triple Net lease. This must be stipulated in the tenancy agreement, and your heirs must understand.