Vpn Access Agreement

Authorized TRUMAN faculties, staff and third parties (customers, suppliers, etc.) can enjoy the benefits of a VPN. An existing Internet connection is required and is not provided by TRUMAN State University. While DF access can use a VPN connection, performance is very slow and it is not recommended that requirements be imposed on the IT service centre. The authorization is based on a proven need for remote VPN access. No reasonable application is rejected, but the process is necessary to accommodate the use of VPN services. Complaints can be made through normal channels. In addition, it is the responsibility of VPN authorized personnel to ensure that unauthorized users do not have access to the NC State 4 network. Users should not use the VPN to browse the Internet, which is not necessary to access it. In other words, when the user has completed access to the TRUMAN intranet, they must complete the VPN session before normal web access. However, it is perfectly acceptable to use the VPN to access TRUMAN-specific resources, such as library databases or other resources that require the session to be generated from the TRUMAN IP address area.

b.VPN respects the privacy of its customers, so that any information you voluntarily provide, as you request through registration and payment forms, is not reported to third parties unless you violate the company`s terms of use and privacy policies or violate local or international laws. These details are only available to bvpn.com directors and will not be disclosed. In this agreement, „YOU“ refers to the user/customer of bvpn.com`s VPN service. The term „WE“ or „OUR“ refers to bvpn.com service itself. This policy applies to all NC State Faculty, Staff and Students who use a VPN to access the NC State network. This policy applies to VPN implementations that allow direct access to the NC State network. VPN access is controlled by authenticating identifiers and passwords. For faculty, staff and students, the ID is their unity ID and password. – ITS – It Technology Services – ITAC – Information Technology Services Advisory Committee – Intranet- Assets on the TRUMAN network as files, Applications, servers, printers, etc. – IPSec – A secure network log for VPN sessions.

– VPN Gateway/Concentrator – A device on which VPN connections and sessions are interrupted within the TRUMAN network. VPN – Virtual Private Network – Web – Internet or World Wide Web – Search and access different websites